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Denis Wick Cornet Mouthpiece Silver Plate

Dennis Wick is best known known not as a brilliant player, but for his mouthpieces and mutes.
Years of careful and unrelenting research, infinite patience and, as he says, "an element of luck",
have produced one of the most succesful series of products in the world of brass music.


Model Cup Cup Diam. Rim Width Bore Backbore Description
2 Deep cup 17.00mm 4.92mm 4.572mm open Enormous solid cornet tone for low cornet parts - sounds like medium bore trombone
2B Medium cup 17.00mm 4.92mm 4.27mm V-type For strong soloists - more brilliant than 2
2BW Medium cup 17.00mm 5.50mm 4.27mm V-type Same as 2B with a wide rim
3 Deep cup 16.75mm 5.05mm 4.572mm open Used by soloists with very strong embouchures - very rich tone
3B Medium cup 16.75mm 5.05mm 4.27mm V-type Like 2B but more brilliant. Very flexible. Ideal soloist's choice
4 Deep cup 16.40mm 5.27mm 4.58mm open The perfect cornet mouthpiece. Rich and powerful tone. Favoured by S.A. bands
4W Deep cup 16.40mm 5.55mm 4.58mm open As above with wide rim
4B Medium cup 16.50mm 5.17mm 4.27mm V-type The most popular model. Rich tone with easy and brilliant high register
4BW Medium cup 16.50mm 5.50mm 4.27mm V-type As above with wide rim
4.5 Deep cup 16.50mm 5.17mm 4.45mm open Like No. 4 but easier to play (smaller bore)
5 Deep cup 16.00mm 5.30mm 4.45mm open Scaled down version of No. 4
5B Medium cup 16.00mm 5.30mm 3.97mm V-type Brilliant high register. Good for soloists
S Shalllower Cup 16.00mm 5.30mm 4.10mm open Designed for Eb cornet. Good intonation. Fantastic high register.

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