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Practice Mute for Trumpet / Cornet by Bremner

ssshhhmute for Trumpet or Cornet 
The sshhhhMute is sold as a single item.
Soft fabric carry bag included.

Is your performance being marred by the way you practice?
The sssshhhhhhMute Practice Mute out-performs anything available on the
market today

Your current practice mute is probably giving you unreliable pitching and poor tuning ability.
The extra breathing necessary through incorrect resistance is probably forcing you to cut short   your practice sessions as well.
Several years of research by award winning cornetist Trevor Bremner has resulted in the best practice mute ever.Features of the ssshhhmute...
Gives accurate tuning throughout the range.
Helps develop and open the throat muscles to give better air flow, thus improving the tone.
Has an improved resistance factor, allowing you to extend practice sessions and enhances pitching and accuracy.
Designed to fit into all brands and models of instruments without compromising effectiveness.
It is made from lightweight ABS plastic which will not cause your instrument to feel any heavier when playing.
Helps you warm up before going on stage.
Weighs only 46 grams (about 18% less than traditional metal mutes).
Won't dent if you happen to drop it.

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