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Aizen GR Alto Sax Mouthpiece
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Product Reference: ASGR

Aizen GR Alto Sax Mouthpiece [ASGR]

To make this alto saxophone mouthpiece, Aizen analyzed and broke down the sound of the master alto saxophonist Paul Desmond’s mouthpieces. This sax mouthpiece combines superb playability with the warmth and softness of Paul Desmond’s sound.

With its slightly curved side wall, low baffle and medium chamber, this piece puts out a rich, dark, warm sound. It’s also designed for outstanding ease of play, with no feeling of stress.
The ASGR Alto Sax Mouthpiece works with all kinds of playing styles. Especially in the middle and higher range, this mouthpiece gets you producing that beautiful dry-Martini Paul Desmond sound.

Opening Size
5 6 7 8
1.8mm(.071) 1.9mm(.075) 2.0mm(.079) 2.1mm(.083)


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